President’s Message

Hello everyone!

I have not had much to say due to everything going on around us. From pandemic to panic to politics. I have noticed that what you let yourself focus on will drive you. Seems simple enough but I have also noticed it can be challenging. Reflecting on negative attitudes and shortcomings about ourselves or our situation can lead us down a road of more disappointments.

It will take some willpower at times, and the help of others at other times, to make us see our true potential. Even if you cannot seem to find anything to be grateful for, just realizing that you have potential may be that push you need. I know this has not touched on health information in the technical sense, but on the other hand, this is health information in the perspective of human information. We develop insight into human beings without ever seeing them face to face. We see the potential in information that will help the patients, providers, and families get accurate results.

In my own personal journey, I get to help others in the Health Information field expand their knowledge and encourage them to reach higher. I hope this encourages you as well, to look for that potential wherever you find yourself.

As we all know, our profession as well as healthcare in general, is in a constant state of change but we are resilient and adapt to those changes. The AKHIMA board members are here to serve the membership, and with the public health crisis, we need to ensure the safety of the members, attendees, and speakers so our annual conference will be virtual on-demand again this year.

There will be a live virtual networking discussion session on COVID Survival on April 8th9 – 10 am AST.

AKHIMA Official Call to Meeting!

Our annual business meeting will be virtual again this year on April 9, 202112 – 1:30 pm, via Zoom. We need all members to join us for the meeting; we will be voting to approve the revised bylaws. The proposed revisions are attached with the rationale along with the tracked changes document.

Join the Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 835 3087 9142
Passcode: AKHIMA2021
Phone Call-in Number: 253-215-8782