Distinguished Member

Every year, AKHIMA recognizes one member for outstanding service within the organization. This award is known as the AKHIMA Distinguished member award. Nominations are accepted throughout the year until approximately February 28th.

To be eligible for nomination the candidates must have made an outstanding contribution to the Alaskan HIM profession in at least three (3) of the following areas.

  1. Service to AKHIMA Members
  2. Outstanding achievement in professional practice
  3. Contributions in research or published materials.
  4. Leadership in education

Candidates for AKHIMA distinguished member must have been an active member of AKHIMA for eight years or longer.

A member may only receive the Distinguished Member Award once in their lifetime.

AKHIMA members can make one nomination per year.

The nominations are scored based on the four areas above. The nominee who receives the highest score among that nominee group is recognized as the AKHIMA Distinguished Member for that year.

How to Apply

Click here to complete the distinguished member award nomination form.